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Folio Data Licensing Applications

Folio Data Licenses consist of census physician data or healthcare facility data for a state or region - the current states that Folio licenses data are:
  Maine Massachusetts Rhode Island
  New Hampshire Connecticut Vermont
  New York New Jersey Ohio

Folio data is routinely used for Planning, Marketing and Communications as well as daily Patient Care and Payment Operations. Some sample processes include:

  • Physician Referral Verification and Monitoring
  • Facility and Service Line Planning
  • Physician Supply Analysis and Recruiting
  • Public Health Bulletins
  • Provider Marketing and Communications
  • Patient Registration and Scheduling
  • Pre-admission Testing
  • Billing/Claims Processing and Analysis
  • Patient Handoff and Delivery of Medical Results
  • Medical Transcription
  • Quality Analysis and Control
  • Provider Network Development

Folio Data LicensingData License Applications can be of two types: Data only or Data with Folio’s Standard Interface. Both types of Data License Applications include prioritized physician practice addresses and contact information (telephone with extension, toll-free numbers, fax numbers, email and mail only addresses), multiple medical specialties with Board Certification, hospital and HMO affiliations, type of practice organizations, languages spoken, and numerous physician identifiers such as National Provider Identifiers, Unique Physician Identification Numbers, and State Board Numbers. On a customized basis DEA numbers can also be provided.

Data only Licenses provide records in multiple data formats, including txt, dbf, xls and xml. Files can be delimited based on your data interface and input preferences. Data only applications require downloading to your own workstations or servers for search and query functions. Both the census Physician and census Healthcare Facility databases are available for licensing.

Data with Folio’s Standard Interface comes with a complete query and search function that is ready to run. The interface provides queries based on name, geography (county, zip code, zip radius, zip range, town radius, state), medical school, medical specialty, practice location, type of practice, affiliations, language, phone, or identifiers (UPIN, NPI). Folio Data with the Standardized Interface comes with both Physician and Healthcare Facility data.

Both the Data Only and Data with Folio’s Standard Interface can be licensed for workstation or network applications.

Data Licenses are annual with standard six month updates, but can be more frequently updated to meet your customized needs.

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