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Provider Data Management Services

With over 30% of all physician primary addresses and over 70% of physician demographic information changing every year, FolioMed Provider Data Management Services offer a solution for cost-effectively maintaining your provider files with accurate, up-to-date information. Cost effectiveness with accuracy makes your provider database a strategic asset in achieving your goal of acknowledged, efficient clinical quality. Major components of the Folio solution include:

  • Leveraging your internal staff by verifying provider edits for consistency and accuracy
  • Reducing staff time for accepting and scheduling referrals by access to Folio’s previously verified reference provider files.
  • "Cleaning up" database files through identification of inactive and duplicate records
  • Adding provider information with enhanced or additional data for records
  • Increasing the number of identifier fields for data linking
  • Integrating disparate internal files
  • Greater provider accuracy with access to Folio’s census reference databases

Benefits – Cost Savings and more…

  • Increased Scheduling and Patient Registration accuracy
  • Lower provider data capture and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced billing errors and rework
  • Shortened accounts receivable days outstanding
  • Lowered claim denials.
  • Improved provider relations (and increased referrals)
  • Reduced risk of Clinical errors
  • Quantified and tracked referral activity
  • Coordinated billing across multiple clinical settings
  • Improved physician supply assessment and recruitment
  • Better facility and service-line planning models
  • Enhanced protection of Patient Health Information

Quantify the financial impact to your organization of inaccurate and incomplete provider data with the Folio Analyzer.

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