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Access to real-time provider data through your internet browser, with an on-line editing capability.

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Folio IS (Internet Service)

FOLIO IS service allows real time access to up-to-the-minute Physician Information

IS provides online interaction with the proprietary Folio Census Database of Physicians and Healthcare Facilities for the individual New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. With 200,000 physicians and 35,000 healthcare facilities, you can be confident that the physician or facility important to you will be located with all the relevant contact and identifier information

Using an advanced library of customized software programs, Folio routinely and systematically matches its own unique physician and facility identifiers with other electronic database identifiers such as National Provider Identifiers (NPIs), Unique Physician Identifier Numbers (UPINs), Drug Enforcement Agency identifiers (DEA), state board licensure numbers, and with the proprietary identifiers of many data license customers. The result is that Folio brings to bear all relevant electronic information in evaluating, building and validating its physician databases.

But all electronic files (including web gathered files) have weaknesses in the form of outdated information, redundant or duplicate information, incomplete information, conflicting information, or simple input errors. That is why Folio stresses direct verification of all physician information through an annual verification form, followed by phone contact from a dedicated on-site and knowledgeable Data Research staff. In this process Folio not only develops the census of physicians practicing in an area but also gathers proprietary information that is simply unavailable elsewhere.

Updated daily, Folio IS provides access to physician information:

  • Multiple practice addresses
  • Phone, fax and email information
  • Identifiers such as UPIN's and now NPI's
  • Group practice names
  • Hospital and HMO affiliations
  • Medical school and specialty information

Physician information can be identified based on:

  • Name
  • Town
  • Street Address
  • Medical Specialty
  • Medical Specialty in a Town
  • UPIN or NPI

Using Folio IS interactive tools, users can now ‘drill down’ from a group practice to its individual providers and print out individual PDF profiles.

Not sure of a Physician name or address? Folio IS will conduct an online search to answer your request.

Folio IS: used by healthcare professionals for accurate and coordinated Physician communications, billing, medical records, clinical care coordination, health reporting, claims adjudication, central data warehousing, and strategic planning.

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