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Overview and Mission Statement

FolioMed provides its customers with proprietary databases of physicians and healthcare facilities in the Northeastern US. The uniqueness of the databases results from a combination of data gathering processes ranging from sophisticated software programs to analyze disparate public and non public electronic files to systematic direct contact with physicians and healthcare facilities to verify information. In the course of developing its relational databases, Folio has created its own unique identifiers for both physician and healthcare facilities and also created proprietary codes (medical specialties, medical schools, language spoken, type of practice organization and hospital and HMO affiliations) that enable providers to accurately differentiate their individual medical profile.

Folio’s Mission Statement
" to improve the clinical and economic efficiency of our customers by providing the most accurate, current, comprehensive, and operational database of Physicians and Healthcare Facilities available in the markets we serve."

In order to fulfill its Mission Statement of accurate and current databases, Folio maintains a dedicated Data Research Staff that continually edits and monitors incoming physician information and also maintains proprietary software to analyze electronic provider databases, both from customer files and also public files, on an on-going basis. Through Folio’s Internet Service application, customers can directly edit physician records, subject to Folio validation. Folio then follows the model of delivering this consolidated information to the provider for verification, since direct response represents the most important source of accuracy. In the course of verification, providers submit additional information to Folio about their practice addresses that would not be available from public sources.

In order to provide a comprehensive and operational databases Folio maintains a census physician and facility database of all active practices and also maintains a file of physicians who became inactive because of retirement or other reasons. Each physician record has multiple practice addresses for rapid linking of a patient episode to a provider. Each practice address contains contact or descriptive information, such as the type of physician location –group practice, solo practice, physician hospital organization, hospital, ambulatory clinic, etc.---, and contact information---phone, extension, fax, email. The database also displays multiple physician identifiers, such as UPINs, NPIs, multiple state licensure numbers, and DEA numbers. Concentrating all relevant provider information into one database becomes a centralized operational resource for those departments and functions requiring physician information.

Folio databases have been documented to increase customer clinical efficiency by rationalizing legacy provider files for medical record and other patient related communications, by accurately identifying new referring providers using Folio’s reference database, and in profiling physician specialties for clinical solutions. Easily quantified are economic efficiencies in reduced search time for providers from utilizing a legacy database streamlined by Folio or utilizing Folio's own reference database. More important savings result from the reduction in internal or payer claim rejections and/or denials that not only increase costs but also negatively impact accounts receivable.


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