FolioMed Provider Data Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

  • Accurate, Census Provider Databases

  • Complete Demographics

  • Multiple Practice Locations

  • Medical Specialties

  • Key Identifiers

Data Services for Clinical Communications, Operational Efficiencies and Market Planning

External Provider Database

Provider Database Management

Synchronized legacy files with

  • Boards of Registration
  • NPPES Databases
  • Exclusion Lists
  • Proprietary FolioMed files

Provider Databases

Provider Databases

Key Features

  • Census files by state or region
  • Standard or customized file structure
  • Multiple practice locations and medical specialties
  • Board numbers, NPIs
  • Medical school, year of graduation
  • Proprietary Healthcare Facility database

Online Database Access

Online Database Access

Subscription Based Access

  • Link to ''Live'' FolioMed files via Internet
  • Database updated daily
  • Read only Access
  • Query by Location, Medical Specialty, Location, NPI

Welcome To FolioMed Inc.

Expert Provider Databases

FolioMed is a database management company committed to providing actionable healthcare Provider data for healthcare planning, communications, payment processing, and quality management. Our Database Management Services include batch and interactive database maintenance, data integration, database 'cleaning', inactive and duplicate record identification, and data enhancement solutions.

FolioMed experience in the Healthcare Database Management industry for over 50 years has earned it a trusted position in the industry. FolioMed maintains a proprietary, verified reference database of all practicing physicians, NPs and PAs offered in a variety of media and licenses for both single users and networks. FolioMed's unique reference database is maintained by a combination of customized software that analyzes both public and non-public external data, a dedicated data research team, and direct verification with Providers.

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Provider database

Why Choose Folio?

FolioMed provides its customers with proprietary databases of Providers and healthcare facilities. The uniqueness of the databases results from a combination of data gathering processes ranging from sophisticated software programs that analyze disparate public and nonpublic data to systematic contact with physicians and healthcare facilities to verify the information.

With its relational databases, Folio has created its own unique identifiers for both physician and healthcare facilities and also created proprietary codes (medical specialties, medical schools, language spoken, type of practice organization, and hospital affiliations) that enable Providers to accurately differentiate their individual medical profile.

Folio Partners

FolioMed is proud to have a working relationship with the finest Healthcare Organizations in the Northeast US.