Provider Database Management

Reduce errors, costs, redundancies

Legacy files linked to external databases

External Provider Database Managment

Focus: Internal Database Accuracy

With an estimated 30% of Provider demographic information changing annually, FolioMed's Data Management Services are a cost-effective solution to maintain accurate, up-to-date Provider information for clinical communications, healthcare market analysis, medical record and billing accuracy.

Leverage internal data maintenance
Verify provider edits for consistency and accuracy
Lower administrative costs

Adding provider information
Enhanced additional record information

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Key Features

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Provider Data Management

Legacy files synchronized with External Census files

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Master File Indexes

Crosswalk indexes maintained to multiple identifiers including proprietary identifiers

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Seamless File Exchanges

Customized file maintenance. File structure and update frequencies


Effortless Maintenance of Internal and External Data

Our Provider database management services provide synchronized and enhanced integration of external files with internal databases producing accurate medical records and improved clinical communications and identification of referring and external Providers.  The solution is effective in reducing billing delays/denials and enhancing the admission process.

  • Master file indexes to link with external files

  • Customized file structures for legacy matching

  • Customer driven update frequencies

  • Enhanced and additional information about Providers

Benefits of Our Groundbreaking

Provider Data Management Service

Increase provider data accuracy and ensure compliance with our world-class data management solution.

Improved Clinical Communications

Reduced billing Denials/delays

Medical Record Accuracy

Rationalized Internal Files

Admission Efficiencies

Comprehensive Provider Data Management Solutions

Our Case Studies

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