Provider Databases

A verified reference database of practicing physicians and affiliated healthcare providers in the Northeast and other regions

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The Solution to Provider Markets

Challenges in finding and identifying providers and provider demographics are widespread. This leads to a lack of visibility for health organizations into provider networks, the distribution of medical specialties in specific geographics and the composition of healthcare facilities in market areas.

The FolioMed data is continuously updated and enhanced through a blend of transactional data, customer change requests, program partners, primary research, and trusted healthcare industry sources. FolioMed databases go through proprietary verification processes that are updated daily.

The database offers:

Standard or customized files with multiple practice locations, medical specialties and contact information.

State or regional scope based census files including identifiers such as board numbers, NPIs, and much more.

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Key Features

FolioMed’s Provider Databases are designed to help you work more efficiently and accurately in providing healthcare services

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Physician Supply Analysis

Matching population demographics to available healthcare resources

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Minimal Billing Delays

Reduced Claims’ Denials and Delays from accurate Referring Provider Information

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Clinical Communication

Grater accuracy in communicating Patient information to multiple Referring Providers and healthcare organizations

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A Comprehensive Data Source

FolioMed Provider Databases offer a comprehensive solution to improve care coordination through enhanced communication, streamlined documentation, operational efficiencies, and more. The Databases also provide a deep dive into a changing medical marketplace by identifying cluster groups based on specialty, region, facility type, etc. Some key features include:

  • Census files by state or region

  • Standard or customized file structure

  • Multiple practice locations

  • Multiple contact information

  • Multiple medical specialties

  • Board numbers, NPIs

  • Medical school, year of graduation

  • Gender

  • Relational databases

  • Unique Facility identifiers

  • Provider Rosters

Benefits of FolioMed Provider Database

Facility Planning

Provider Recruitment

Physician Supply Analysis

Medical Specialty Cluster Analysis

Strategic Planning

Provider Notifications

Referral Analysis

One Provider Data Source with Multiple Applications

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