Provider Databases

A proprietary, verified reference database of all practicing physicians in the Northeast U.S.

Complete Solution to Power Growth

Challenges in finding accurate provider data and contact information are widespread. This leads to a lack of correspondence and visibility for health systems into who’s included in their network, what are their specialties, the medical facilities they serve, and when they have appointment availability. The solution is FolioMed Healthcare Provider Database that contains listings for over 500k+ practitioners and 50k+ healthcare facilities. 

The data is continuously updated and enhanced through a blend of transactional data, customer change requests, program partners, primary research, trusted healthcare industry sources. FolioMed Provider Database is the only primary source of finding the right providers in Northeastern U.S. The database goes through a standard verification process and then it is updated in the system. The database offers:

Standard or customized files

with multiple practice locations and contact information 

State or regional scope

Based census files including medical specialties, board numbers, NPIs, and much more

Key Features

FolioMed Provider Database is designed to help you work more efficiently and easily while delivering high-quality care.

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Physician Supply Analysis

Improved supply assessment & recruitment to make informed decisions

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Minimal Billing Delays

Coordinated billing across multiple clinical settings & reduced billing errors/rework

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Streamlined Communication

Unified correspondence and communication to reach the right provider

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All-in-one Data Source

FolioMed Provider Database offers an Omni solution to improve care coordination, enhance clinical communication, streamline documentation, and more. The Database lets you take deep dive into finding the cluster groups by specialty, region, facility type, etc. Some key features include:

  • Census files by state or region
  • Standard or customized file structure
  • Multiple practice locations
  • Multiple contact information
  • Multiple medical specialties
  • Board numbers, NPIs
  • Medical school, year of graduation

Benefits of FolioMed Provider Database

Deliver streamlined care by reaching the right physicians and their patients in minutes, and much more.

Facility Planning

Provider Recruitment

Physician Supply Analysis

Medical Specialty Cluster Analysis

Strategic Planning

Provider Notifications

Referral Analysis

One Provider Data Source with Endless Possibilities

An all-in-one point of access to provider data to help connect the patients with the right provider.

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